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Other bolts; Cap screws; Hex bolts; Carriage bolts; Guardrail bolt; High strength Cap screws; High strength hex bolts; Mushroom head bolt; Timber bolt; Special bolts; non-standard bolts; Cold forged non-standard; Hot forged bolts; Flange bolt; Eye bolt; eye screw; T head(hammer head)bolts; Square head bolts; U bolts; V bolts; bent anchor bolts; Big Hex bolt series; Track bolts; Socket cap screws.
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Flange Bolt

Material: Carbon Steel,Alloy Steel

Product Detail: Production range:1/4--5/8 Productivity:300 tons per month

serration flange bolts with flange nuts

Material: Carbon Steel

Product Detail: Production range:M6 to M20 Productivity:100 tons per month